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A letter to our Congressman

This is a letter one of our neighbors, Pam Thurston, wrote to Rep. Eric Swalwell, our Representative for the 15th Congressional District. Rep. Swalwell, now in his second term, has proven to be very engaged in the district (which includes our neighborhoods) and responsive to his constituents. He flies from Washington D.C. back to the district nearly every weekend (frequent flyer miles, anyone?).

This letter is a very good example of effective communication to an elected representative. I recognize that many people have a different political preference than Mr. Swalwell–but these kinds of respectful, factual letters can be very useful. Thank you, Pam, for a very good bit of writing!

Hi Eric,

Would like to discuss the situation regarding the sale and eventual outcome of the San Ramon golf course.

Been in contact with the city officials but wanted to step up communication as the new owners have already intentionally devastated at least three other courses in California by fencing them off and letting them go to blight.

The new owners are Beverly Hills attorneys/developers.  They do this to try and force the cities to re-zone the courses so they can build housing.  This devastation has caused property values in these other neighborhoods around the course to plummet some 30-40%.

The city of San Ramon has stood firm on maintaining the zoning as “golf course only” and the new owner knew this and boldly purchased the course anyway over paying for the course by $4M.

Would appreciate your perspective and support.  We have lived on the 16th green of the course for 38 years and are recently retired.

To let the new ownership intentionally destroy our San Ramon neighborhood would be a crime.

It is reported that the course will close on 12/31/16  by virtue of the sales agreement.  We are trying to be proactive and avoid the devastation caused in Escondido, Rancho Mirage, Poway, and Siverstone in Las Vegas.  Michael Schlesinger and Ronald Richards have vowed to let these properties rot until they get the zoning they need to build.

I hope hard work and dedication pays off.  We have a banner facing the 16th green stating “STAY THE COURSE”!  Also I have personally handed out over 200 flyers to date in our neighborhood for support.

Eric, Please lend your support to save our course.

Pam Thurston

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  • CHenry July 13, 2016, 6:05 pm

    Applause to you Pam.. Such a good idea to contact Eric. Hopefully many more of us can write him too.
    It’s a community effort for sure. I too live on the course, a SR resident for 30+ years and my husband and I retired within the last 5 years. We are fighting to keep our home values up
    Thanks again,

  • Min Tsao July 14, 2016, 10:15 am

    Should we as a group write to our state and federal representatives together and sign our names?


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