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Comment from a neighbor

We received this comment from Keith Parodi, a neighbor. We’re posting it with his permission. If you’d to appear in a post on the blog, just use the comment function and I’ll put it up for you!

I would like to thank all involved in all your hard work and dedication to preserving the golf course. I like the new look to the website and clarifying the supposed rumors and message from new owners to with Mr. Holder. It is important that we stick to the facts and react as one group. Keep up the great work in your spare time, as I know you all have day jobs and family’s to worry about as well. Happy Holidays and God Bless
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  • Traci Varanini February 25, 2017, 6:06 pm

    While I can appreciate the volunteers stepping up to meet with each other on the subject at hand, the uproar could have been avoided if the group posted their meeting minutes. I’ve never been a part of a committee board that didn’t post minutes. What if someone couldn’t make a meeting? Is there nothing to fill them in on what was said? Who were the people present when the “vote” happened, how many people were missing? We have a “secretary” position filled, so where are the notes? How did the committee come up with the idea to meet Mr. Richards in the first place? These are all things that should have been posted.
    If the 12 yes voters truly believe this is a good idea, enlighten the rest of us. The community was once unanimous in standing strong and fighting, if the committee formed has had a change of heart the community needs to be aware.

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