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December open house with GC owners

There was a good turn-out of interested homeowners at the Open House last night. We hope you got most of your questions answered.  We heard some grumbling about there being no presentation about what is going to happen beyond this fence plan.  The committee can appreciate your frustration. But please remember, what we got last night is exactly what the owners said we would get; answers to your questions.

The biggest concern was “what happens to those with a ‘C’ next to their fence?”. This is what we took away from the Open House:

Each property owner whose home has a “C” next to it will be contacted by a representative of the owners.   These “C” condition property owners will be advised that the survey indicates that their property encroaches on the golf course and proof of that encroachment will be provided. Owners will not be ordered to correct the encroachment, but will be asked  to sign a document acknowledging that they are aware that their property is encroaching on the golf course and that they will not hold the owners liable for any damages should any injury take place on the area of encroachment. No commitment to remedial action nor payment of costs will be made by owners for remediation or compensation.

Those in attendance had the opportunity to review aerial photos of the golf course, including close-ups of their home-sites. Each property is identified with a letter designation (A, B, or C).  We have reproduced those photos below.

If you have comments of questions, please convey them by way of the site. Answers provided on this site will not reflect the questioner’s identity.

Pat Tuohy
Steering Committee Chairman

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  • Tom Chapman January 11, 2019, 3:23 pm

    It is apparent to me that the protective fence is a waste of both intent and is going to be grossly unappealing. I do have a gate that leads to the course and is needed ONLY to cut down weeds that the course does not attend to.

    I suggest a campaign to have the course install gates at the existing street entrances only and do a better job on their maintenance campaign on the fringes. The only other thought would be to install a wrought iron fence, much like the perimeter to maintain aesthetics. Otherwise, drop the whole project! I, for one, am not in favor of a 6″ high chain link fence. (UGLY) How about a march on the planning department and city hall?

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