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Golf Course Fence Application

The owners of the San Ramon Golf Course, Tree City LLC submitted an application with the City for a permit that would allow them to enclose the golf course with fencing and preclude access.  The application was filed earlier this month.  The City Planning Department has just begun to review the submitted documents and is developing a list of questions that, once completed, will be presented to the applicant for answers and clarifications.

It is almost too early to tell how long before anything concrete will result from this action; consider several weeks, if not months.  We were assured by the City planner in charge that this matter will go before the Planning Commission at some point and that ten days before that appearance, property owners within 300 ft. of the course boundaries will be notified of that meeting.

The steering committee is in touch with City Planners and will likely contribute additional questions to those of the City.  Further, we will continue to communicate with interested parties by way of this site any pertinent information that comes our way.

Patrick Tuohy
Steering Committee Chairman

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  • Bernard November 13, 2018, 11:50 am

    That’s the price we are all paying for idiots walking on the golf course or sneaking in and playing a few holes after hours while “no trespassing-private property” signs have been placed all across the area.
    Don’t expect respect from the owner if some house owners feel entitle to have this kind of behaviors. Well done. Way to go.

  • Jane Cresswell November 13, 2018, 11:58 am

    I received a letter from the San Ramon Golf Club owners dated October 30th that there will be an open house to discuss the fencing on November 28th from 6-8 pm

    We are on the golf course at the 16th hole. 3309 Burning Tree Drive

  • Catherine Lewis November 13, 2018, 12:12 pm

    I have noticed that they stopped policing the dog walkers, or maybe they are just walking after hours. But a lot of people routinely disregard the No Trespassing signs and use the golf course as their personal park. Those of us who comply with the rules are sad to see other people and dogs out there enjoying a walk and a romp while we no longer do that. It is disrespectful to the owner and to the rest of us. And now it looks as though it has endangered property values and aesthetics for all of us. Disappointing, to say the least. But we should still fight this with everything we’ve got.

  • Jim November 13, 2018, 12:18 pm

    Afraid I have to disagree with Bernard, people walking on the course is a “red herring”. This is the LLC putting the proverbial “camels nose is under the tent” and more havoc will follow, guaranteed. It’s a small, seemingly innocuous act or decision that will lead to much larger, more serious, and less desirable consequences down the line. Be very aware golf course neighbors.

  • Mike November 13, 2018, 1:07 pm

    I believe Jim is correct. This is the first step in closing the golf course.

  • Bernard November 13, 2018, 2:36 pm

    While I agree the few IDIOTS trespassing the golf course might be pointless relative to the big picture of what the owner is trying to accomplish long term, any opportunities that are given to him to make any sort of progress, as small as it could be, is a giant mistake from our community. So yes, trespassing or not, might not make a difference overall. However, I still believe it’s not helping our case. Either we stay together and play all by the rules (aka…LAWS), or we’re not. But you can make sure the owner keeps watching for any errors around the corner and will use it to his benefit.

  • Suzie November 13, 2018, 7:02 pm

    My Father was a golf course marshal and worked hard to keep non paying golfer off the golf course. He love playing golf and even had his own golf cart so he could drive his golf cart on the 11th hole to find the non paying golfers and people walking their dogs on the golf course. I live where I can see all the Wedding on Fridays, through Sundays, and the parties in the banquet room and have been there for a Birthday party, what a wonderful club house this is on the San Ramon, Golf Course. The parking lot is full most everyday with golfers. I am out there checking the golf course daley. I would like to see the Swimming pool back for the swim teams to use.
    I had a nice golf course in Santa Clara, CA. till a developers, bulldozed it down with the famous golfers name on the streets. The golf course is gone but the streets still have the famous golfers names. I worked hard to stop that developer? I was on the site and reported back to City Council meeting, it was a night mare with nearow streets with the condos at the side walk no yards, driveways. There was a small park with 5 BBQ areaswith parking for 9 cars and one handy caped parking there are over 500 units that used that small park. There was a fire one afternoon. I was over seeing the work when a fire broke out. The fire truck parked on the narrow street and low and behole if the truck plastic lights and window melted and the front window of the condo across the street worpped and the plants were killed by the heat. The head of the building department told me Santa Clara wasn’t a good place to reise children. I went though every unit and gave them my apinon, it is like a hotel with out the parking lot. I sold my house the traffic was so bad in 2010. I couldn’t shop till 11:30 PM there wasn’t any parking places.
    The San Ramon, Golf Course is in a flood plane with a large lake on the hill on the other side of Alcosta Blvd. The lake is vary much like Anderson Resivor in San Jose and San Ramon, Creek is lake Coyote Creek in San Jose that flooded last year with many people flooded out of the apartments and homes. That low area should have not been used for home, but for a Golf Course. What San Ramon City has is the best with the Golf Course to take all the flood water, I watched the San Ramon, Creek rise very fast and the other creek at the back of the golf course driving range rise to with in a foot of flooding the whole driving range. If there were condos there they would be flooded. My father bought his home from the developer, he told Dad that his home was on a creek bed. Dad found later the living-room had a hump in the floor where you walked up one side and down the other side. I will be watching everything that goes on the golf course. I will report back to City Hall.

  • Kim November 14, 2018, 2:02 pm

    I have been a resident for 25 years and have never known the golf course had an issue with neighbors going onto course after hours. I have also never seen a sign posted warning of trespassing. Perhaps a letter to the neighbors might have been a first step VS a fence. Also, what does the fence accomplish if golf cart pathways are open to allow access across streets. My instinct tells me this is “chicken manure” and is mearly the first step in preparing to close. Lastly, can anyone report if the Stay the Course lawn signs are still current and available for purchase.

  • Ellen November 15, 2018, 5:26 pm

    If the course is that worried about people coming onto their property after hours, then they need to close the entrance gate. Cars drive in and out at all hours, long after the golf course has closed and the events have ended. It’s hard for me to be concerned if they aren’t.

  • Bryan November 16, 2018, 8:58 am

    Don’t be fooled by the title of this action to mitigate trespassing. This is a step in their plan to close the course. Once the fence is in they can shut the course with little or no notice. With no need to apply for a permit, as the fence will already be in. The fence is required to stop trespassing once the course is closed. Many other closed courses have had homeless and trespassing issues once closed, to include fires. How many active golf courses have you been on that completely fence off the homes from access. I have never seen one. Placing a fence around 100+ acres is a huge expense and not worth it to stop a few dog walkers and people who play a few holes for free. If this is truly required by their insurance company, I am sure it would be cheaper to get another company like the other golf courses in the area. This is clearly preparation

  • Suzie November 16, 2018, 4:40 pm

    Maybe if we all chipped in who have our homes with back yards opening onto the gof course could help with hiring a private security company to give 24-7 hours of security for the golf course and would also stop the homes from being robbed by criminal come into the back yards of homes along the San Ramon, creek on Thunderbird, PL . A few camera at crossing and at the entrance to the golf course. This would take care of two problems with out a ugly fence that upset me every time I drove by those places with the ugly chain link fence. The Golf Course is what makes this nighborhood so nice with the open space green grass, trees, sand trapes that wined through the neighborhood. If at some time the Gof Course closes I would like to have the City have the 115 acres park with day camps for our children to learn about nature and have a large swim center and large open theater and flee market, Car shows. No condos, apartments. San Ramon doesn’t have the interstructure to support 256 condos and two large apartment complexes, Alcosta Blvd. can not handle much more traffic like I have seen some morning. We alread have traffic backed up for over a block on Pine Valley on school days. I have live in the area for 30 years and don’t like what has happened to all the orchards and farm land.

  • Kim November 26, 2018, 7:54 am

    Perhaps the San Ramon police could start keeping watch for dog walkers on their normal patrols and issue trespassing citations. That should assist in changing the neighborhood culture rather quickly.

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