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History of Other Golf Courses

The present owners of the San Ramon Golf Club have quite a history. They have bought other properties in the past, intending to develop them into housing tracts. When they can’t get a city council or planning commission to go along with him, they resort to other tactics.

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It might be interesting to know something of the background of one of the owners of Stuck In The Rough LLC, the new owner of SRGC. Ron Richards, a criminal defense attorney, has an interesting résumé:

Ron Richards’ website

Wikipdia entry for Mr. Richards

Some more information about Mr. Richards (added 6/29/16)

Another interesting bit about Richards (both links courtesy of Laura)

They have acquired three other properties with the intent of developing them (and ruining neighborhoods in the process). Here is some idea of their track records–and their tactics.

The links on these pages may not be in proper chronological order, but you’ll be able to get an idea of how they operate.



Silverstone (Las Vegas)