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Welcome to Stay The Course San Ramon! We are a group of San Ramon residents who are doing our utmost to keep a wealthy attorney and developer in Beverly Hills from developing the current San Ramon Golf Club with houses and condominiums. Despite other parcels of land available for residential use in San Ramon, this ownership group chooses low-cost golf course land to maximize their profits without regard for the local families who live near and enjoy their community golf courses.

The San Ramon Golf Club site is zoned as a golf course, but we are preparing for the owners to attempt to change the zoning to allow residential development on the course by ballot or other means.

Regardless of where you live in San Ramon, this issue does affect you. A change in zoning will undermine years of careful planning and county tax revenues.  Additionally, more development means more traffic, more crowded classrooms and more stress on emergency response and the rest of our infrastructure.

Here’s what you can do:

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This developer believes that his money will get him what he wants–he paid more than twice the asking price for the property. He has ruined other neighborhoods in California and Nevada–but when concerned citizens organize and stand up to him, he loses. You can see what he has done by going to the History tab, above. We update this page as we get new information.