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The San Ramon City Council: (L-R) Vice Mayor Scott Perkins, Phil O’Loane, Mayor Bill Clarkson, Dave Hudson and Harry Sachs

As we go into the Independence Day holiday and all its festivities, we’d like to remind you, our neighbors and concerned residents of San Ramon, that our system of government–especially here in our beautiful City–depends on our involvement. This is especially true of the challenge (and the threat) facing us with the San Ramon Golf Club and the Beverly Hills developers who plan to turn that beautiful open space into more homes.

Many of us have spent time in meetings to discuss a path forward to deal with this very real threat. We should all be aware of who our elected leaders are, and engage with them individually. The developers, who paid millions more than the asking price for the property, would have to get a 4/5 vote of both the City Council and the Planning Commission to change the zoning of the property to build there. It is imperative that we all engage with our elected leaders to keep them involved as well.

Here is the contact information for the Mayor and the Council members and the names of the Planning Commission members. This information is posted on the City website, so we are not invading anyone’s privacy by posting it here. Three of the five Council members are coming up for reelection this year. Two others have terms expiring in 2018.

If anyone has any corrections or additions, please use the Contact tab.

Mayor: Bill Clarkson: bclarkson@sanramon.ca.gov Cell phone (925) 200-5380 (2016)

Vice Mayor Scott Perkins: sperkins@sanramon.ca.gov Home phone: (925) 833-7743 (2016)

Council Members:

Dave Hudson: dhudson@sanramon.ca.gov Home Phone: (925)828-5578; Cell phone (925) 570-0106 (2018)

Philip G. O’Loane: poloane@sanramon.ca.gov City voice mail (925) 973-2548 (2016)

Harry Sachs: hsachs@sanramon.ca.gov City Voice Mail: (925) 973-2535; Cell phone (510) 599-1653 (2018)

Planning/Community Development

Eric Figueroa, Assistant City Manager efigueroa@sanramon.ca.gov
(925) 973-2632

Planning Services Division

Debbie Chamberlain, Division Manager dchamberlain@sanramon.ca.gov
(925) 973-2560

Planning Commission

Jeanne Benedetti
Term Expires: June 2018

Rick Marks
Term Expires: June 2018

Gary Alpert
Term Expires: June 2020

Eric Wallis
Term Expires: June 2020

Victoria Harris
Term Expires:  June 2020

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