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Steering Committee Minutes

March 2, 2017 Committee Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by temporary Chair David Ernest


David Ernest
Becky Kolberg
Diana Brown
Jeff Bowlsby
Joe Weyandt
Michelle Hemenway (Podany)
Lucille Evans
Gene Bucciarelli
Joe Parsons
Pat Tuohy
Geoff Ho
Jim Hart
Scott Holder (left meeting after giving a brief statement)

David E.  opened the meeting.

Scott Holder addressed the committee outlining why he left the Stay the Course group . He also made a number of suggestions for actions by the committee including suggesting editorial control be increased on the Blog.

Attendees introduced each other and their motivations for being on the committee (not transcribed).

Meeting Discussion:

 David E. offered suggestions for individual background research on fund-raising and land use.

Gene B. updated the group on the status of the filing of our tax status application. We discussed possible methods of communication within the steering committee.

Paul W. offered a detailed strategy of community involvement by way of a well written proposal since he was an excused absence.  It was discussed at some length.

Joe P. has set up the Facebook page, Stay the Course San Ramon

Paul Warren created the Twitter account, @StayTheCourseSR

Michelle H-P. agreed to admin the Facebook page

Election Results:


Joe P. nominated David Ernest
David E. nominated Paul Warren  (Paul declined via text message)

Vice President

Gene B. nominated Pat Tuohy

At large

Those elected to the open positions for At Large seats:

Joe Weyant, Becky Kolberg, and Diana Brown.

All were elected unanimously by voice vote.

Survey Results

We discussed the survey that Joe P. had published on the webpage. After some discussion, it was decided to publish the results the next day rather than wait for minutes to be available.

Discussion among committee to share reasons why some wanted to meet with developer and reasons why. Reiterated that Ron Richards asked the committee for a meeting.

Geoff H. –  We need a succinct mission statement that communicates our stance.

Diana B. would like agenda item for next meeting regarding communications.

Next steps:

  • Michelle H – P. to send draft of minutes to Paul W. to post on Google Drive. Leadership will edit the notes for publication on the blog to eliminate extraneous items not germane to the meeting. David E. stressed that content not be deleted or altered.
  • Blog Editor will moderate Ron Richards’ comments before posting future
  • Gene B. will draft a survey to go to community to solicit community help in spreading the word.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

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  • Suzie March 9, 2017, 2:15 pm

    From our resonant rain the driving range was almost flooded from the creek coming from Thunderbird on the 18th tee. The back yard at 9452 Thurnderbird Place had the creek up to the wall when the rain stopped.


  • DebRod March 10, 2017, 7:15 am

    Thank you all for your many hours of work and for publishing minutes from last meeting. Looking forward to seeing a mission statement and helping to get the word out to San Ramon community. I believe it’s extremely important to get the word out to San Ramon residents. When is your next meeting?

    • Admin March 10, 2017, 11:45 am

      We haven’t scheduled the next meeting. I’ll post an announcement when we do.

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