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Note from a homeowner in Rancho Mirage

Pam Thurston forwarded this letter from a homeowner who has some experience with the developers. He owns a vacation home in Rancho Mirage on the now defunct golf course. He has given permission to reproduce it here.

Hi Pam- We have owned our home in Rancho Mirage Country Club since 2004. It is a great community which is well managed and extremely well taken care of in terms of homes and landscaping. The golf course was privately owned and though it was not fancy it was considered a great course to play. It was purchased by Oasis and they had a golf management company take it over, promising us it would continue as a course. They shut it down and fired all the staff shortly afterward, and offered us a ridiculous proposition to buy it from them. We engaged in negotiations which went nowhere, and things kept getting nastier when they stopped watering and erected a chain link fence completely around the property. The homeowners felt like they were in a minimum security prison! We got our lawyers involved and the city of Rancho Mirage who posted a cease and desist notice for them to remove the fence. They of course failed to comply and the city did remove the fence and billed them. We are continuing to litigate the matter which is costing each homeowner $100/month. Oasis business model is to scare, intimidate, lie and deceive and wait it out until the victims cave in to their demands. Please advise your neighbors to unite quickly and be prepared for this to happen in San Ramon. I am enclosing some pictures which I just took while we were down there last week. Good luck on this, Pam

Bill Finnegan
Broker Associate
Alain Pinel Realtors

rancho mirage golf course

Rancho Mirage Golf Course today.

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  • Susan Thomas September 25, 2016, 11:42 pm

    I have a couple of points of interest about letting the golf course go brown and becoming fenced if and when they shut it down that I’d like to share here.

    1. At Rancho Mirage the city was able to take down the fence and bill the golf course owners. Is there any reason that can’t be done by the City of San Ramon when they erect a fence? Here’s the wording from a previous article posted on Stay The Course about Rancho Mirage:

    “We got our lawyers involved and the city of Rancho Mirage who posted a cease and desist notice for them to remove the fence. They of course failed to comply and the city DID remove the fence and billed them.”

    2. Because of the need for an offsite Enhanced Riparian Habitat occurring on the San Ramon Golf Course, isn’t that reason to KEEP WATERING IT? At least watering that portion of the course which would greatly affect rezoning? Here’s what was posted here on Stay the Course about the Riparian Habitat:

    *The actions will improve the current conditions of the golf course.
    *During the construction the Back Nine will be closed due to safety considerations for construction workers, golfers, and residents.
    *A drainage creek and new landscaping on the 11th and 12th fairways.
    *New drainage turned to creek on holes 13 and 17 which will flow into a Riparian Habitat.

    Keeping a fence down and finding a reason for the city to force the new owners to water would make it much easier for us to wait it out and maintain our property values. I’m probably missing something here, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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