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Now It’s Camarillo Springs Golf Course

The Camarillo Springs Golf Course has been operating for nearly 50 years. Now, with the drought, the recession, El Nino and the current phase of the moon, the new owner of the course has decided that it is no longer “financially viable” as a golf course and may have to be converted to some other use.

Sound familiar? It should; the new owner, Cameleon Springs LLC, is headed by one Ronald Richards.

Owner says that between the drought, rising maintenance costs and fewer players, keeping the aging course open is no longer financially viable. Alternative uses are being sought.

It’s a familiar pattern. Read the article to see how similar this situation is to ours and other communities Mr. Richards has invaded.

It is very important that we keep organized and focused. Richards has not approached the city with any plans or proposals, but it is reasonable to assume that he will attempt to induce the city to rezone so he can build on the land he bought for twice the asking price.

Any development of the golf course–even a single house–will affect ALL of San Ramon, not just those 320  homes that are adjacent to the course. Spread the word among your neighbors and every other San Ramon resident you know. Get them to subscribe to the blog so they can stay informed and aware of any changes in the situation.

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  • Jack Sundberg November 3, 2016, 4:50 pm

    They’ve already begun some work on fairways 11 ,12 and 13. It appears that they are rushing in starting work before anyone knows what is going on. Supposedly the work they are doing is related to the “Faria Preserve” which is something required by San Ramon or the state prior to commencing actual construction. They have a chain link fence around these fairways and screened off so that it is hard to see what is going on. Thursday 11/3 they have moved equipment in and they are moving quickly to avoid I assume any confrontation and to minimize detection.

  • Jennifer November 3, 2016, 8:02 pm

    Given he’s doing this all over California Nevada, is there nothing that can be done from a legal perspective at the state level?

  • J. Glabner November 3, 2016, 10:54 pm

    Well, on a positive note, these guys have bought five(?) golf courses and have not built a single house yet. Maybe the task is a little more difficult than they originally believed.

  • Robin November 4, 2016, 10:31 am

    Our Principal Unifying Principle?
    Stay the Course seems to be spinning the SRGC issue wrongly… This is not a business negotiation; rather, it is an attack on San Ramon City sovereignty. Our elected officials decide how San Ramon’s incorporated land is used, not an alien corporate pirate who “captured” the golf course and is “ransoming” it back to us or he will “Aqua Bear” it.
    Elected officials recently endorsed “golf course” for the next 20 years (See General Plan 2035).
    History should teach us something. Thomas Jefferson faced a similar appeasement problem when he took office. Tripoli pirates had dissed our newly won sovereignty and were capturing ships carrying our flag. Our first two Presidents, without sufficient Navy and no Marine Corps, had appeased them for 12 years by paying increasingly more unaffordable annual tributes and ransoms.
    Jefferson’s options had changed. The US had grown its Navy and had a newly established Marine Corps. He stopped appeasing the pirates and declared war instead. The outcome: respect for our sovereignty and end of Barbary piracy. We also got /From the Halls of Montezuma/To the Shores of Tripoli/. Tripolian pirate attacks on ships flying the Stars and Stripes stopped.
    The lesson is that instead of presenting the City with owner-appeasing tidbits, STC should be unified around supporting an all-out City war against an attack on its sovereignty. We should be looking at legal weapons (e.g., General Plan 2035) and friends (e.g., Sierra Club) that can be mustered to chase this “pirate” off.

  • Suzie November 4, 2016, 4:31 pm

    There was a golf course in Santa Clara, CA Fairway Glen, with all the streets named after golfers Ben Hogan, Nelson, Berke and Meany famous Golfers. Now the golf course in covered with condos and apartment. Some citizson bought 47 acers for a Natural Area, Named the Ulistac Natural Area with native trees and plants. The Golf Course backed up on the Gaudalope River and Layette street on the south with Monague Express way on the east and Highway 237 on the west. The Agnews State Hospital was on the east next to the golf course. The Agnews State Hospital was huge running for 880 south to Layette on the south. The State sold the property to Sun Microw Systems. I don’t know who built all the condos and apartment. The north side of Santa Clara went for farm land and a metal hospital to over popuated with smaller street and fewer parking areas. The condos had no driveways or yard. I had to shop at night there were hardly any parking places. Small parks that are full of people from the apartments who have no yard to BBQ in or play in.
    I have been fighting for open space it the Levi’s Stadium was built now Tasman was blocked off and all the street in the area had Police man. I sold my home in Santa Clara that was a half mile from the stadium. and came to San Ramon to face the same thing with the golf course.

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