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Opinion Survey

3/2/17 NOTE: The survey is no longer active. You’re welcome to complete it, but the results have already been tabulated. Thank you!

The San Ramon Golf Club was sold to Tree City LLC in 2015. The individuals behind the corporation intend to build some unknown number of houses on the property. It is currently zoned Golf course/Agricultural, so any development would involve changing the General Plan. Both the San Ramon City Council and the Planning Commission would have to approve such a change by a 4/5 vote for both bodies. At present, there is no support at the City level for any changes to the San Ramon General Plan and the current zoning. There will be no changes in the City Council until the 2018 election when three members’ terms will expire.

The developer, a prominent criminal defense attorney, could circumvent the will of the City Council and Planning Commission by gathering enough signatures to put the matter of development into a ballot measure and have the voters of San Ramon decide to approve the construction of houses on the San Ramon Golf Club site.

A group of volunteers, the “Steering Committee,” currently numbering 16 people, has agreed to represent the community. The Steering Committee has voted among themselves by a narrow margin to meet with the developer on March 2. The stated intent of this meeting is to gather information to determine what his plans are. Those in favor of meeting with him believe that whatever information that might be gained from such a meeting will be useful if and when the matter is put to voters in the form of a ballot measure. Those in favor have stressed that this would not be a “negotiation,” but an informational meeting only. Two hours have scheduled for this meeting. There are no attorneys on the Steering Committee and no attorneys have been retained for this planned meeting.

The Steering Committee members who are against meeting with the developer have pointed out that he is a wealthy and highly successful criminal defense attorney with a documented history of manipulative and untruthful tactics and statements here and in other communities and that nothing he says can be trusted. Those opposed to meeting with him further believe that any meeting with him in the future should occur only with the consent of the greater San Ramon community. Those opposed also believe that given the controversy surrounding the matter, such a closed meeting would serve to create suspicion and dissent within the community. This could give the developer an advantage if and when the matter of rezoning the property comes to a ballot measure.

I have created this survey to get a sense of the community’s thoughts. Although this is the “official” Stay the Course page, this survey is the work of only one member of the Steering Committee, Joe Parsons. I administer this page, the Stay the Course blog and the mailing list.

Any information gathered from this survey will be conveyed to the other members of the Steering Committee. Please respond only if you live in the City of San Ramon. None of the information gathered here will be used for any purpose other than to convey opinions and thoughts to the Steering Committee.