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Planning Commission Hearing Concerning Fence

As most already know, the owner of the San Ramon Golf Club has submitted an application to erect a 6-foot high chain link fence around almost all of the golf course. There has been some conversation on Next Door on the topic, although not everyone will be able to view it, depending on their location.

There will be a  Public Hearing in the City Council Chamber on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 PM. A link to the notice is HERE

When you click on the link, a PDF will be placed in whatever file contains your downloads.

This is the first “official” action concerning the San Ramon Golf Course and the owner’s attempt to build houses and condos on the property. It is very important that everyone makes every possible effort to attend this hearing. Tell your neighbors. The Steering Committee is meeting ahead of the hearing.

Please repost and share this information any way you can.

Here is part of the conversation on Next Door (thanks to Jeff Hunt for sending us the information):


This meeting is being held at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 4/16 in the Council Chamber at 7000 Bollinger Canyon Road. Everyone needs to be there. The wealthy greedy, soulless, corrupt Real Estate marauders, Ronald Richards and Michael Schlesinger, who own the company that now owns the San Ramon Public Golf Course want to close the course so they can sell off the land to Real Estate Developers for tens of millions of dollars who will then put up high density housing. These people know they have no chance of doing this thanks to the vigilance of motivated involved San Ramon residents and organizations like Stay the Course. So, like a petulant child throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get a lollipop these individuals want to throw up a fence around the golf course in a malicious hateful attempt to cause upsetment and irritation to the people that won’t let these little baby boys get their way. It’s time to put our foot down. They want to put a fence adjacent to existing fences in the backyards of homes that border the golf course. They claim it is because their insurance company is requiring this due to crime, vandalism and trespassing. For 2019 San Ramon was the 6th ranked safest city in California, seriously? In addition, the alleged insurance company appears to not care about the dangerous condition this will create for wildlife and children with a substantial gap between the golf courses proposed fence and existing fences. That seems contrary to how I know Insurance companies to operate. In addition there has been no crime reported in this area during the last six months as reported by CrimeReports. The efforts by motivated civic minded San Ramon residents who truly care about the town they live in have been exemplary thus far but sadly not enough. We need ALL the San Ramon residents who care about the town they live in, the town they raise their children in, the town they share with close friends and family to stand up and say ENOUGH. We don’t want these cowardly individuals polluting our community. We don’t need these wealthy individuals coming into OUR CITY, OUR COMMUNITY, OUR HOMES and pushing us around. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts. It’s time for the residents of San Ramon to put their time and effort where their mouth is. You can’t be taken seriously or credibly when you rant about all the problems you may think this country faces if you don’t take just an hour or 2 out of your schedule to attend this meeting and tell the Planning Commission enough is enough and support your community. Just because this particular issue may not directly impact you, it does not pardon your responsibility to your neighbors, your friends, YOUR CITY. Understand, the next time something like this happens it may very well involve you and then you will want everyone else’s support. We must stand together as one unified entity to fight corrupt, wealthy, and malicious organizations or people whenever they try to harm the fabric of our communities. To coin a popular local phrase we have STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. Show up on Tuesday, 4/16, and tell your local elected City Officials to do the right thing and protect the residents of this great City or they will face the wrath of 75,000 motivated involved and caring residents. Deny the application for a fence by Tree City LLC (owned by Ronald Richards and Michael Schlesinger). Thank you for reading

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  • Suzie April 11, 2019, 3:23 pm

    I plan on coming to the meeting April 16, 2019, I saw what happened in Santa Clara, CA when the Fairway Glen Golf Course was bought, not sure if it is the same people, but what a mess with narrow streets, no yards, drivways, traffic became a real problem, our Safeway market had to stay open all night the condos and large apartment complexes shopping there wasn’t parking till late at night. The parks were full and all the BBQ were taken and the tennis courts. The parking was all taken in the street near the condoses and large apartment complexes, so motor homes and other vehicles were parked on the streets. We only have Alcsota Blvd, I see traffic backed up on school days and 8:00 AM lined up to get on 680 both ways. I live with my Son and his family at the end of Thunderbird PL and see the golfer out at 6:00 AM rain, fog or any weather they are out on the Golf Course. Wedding most every weekend with a picture perfect secting. I would like to see the swimming pool opened again, there was always a crowed there in the summer and swim teams used the Club pool, I was there with my grandduaghters, till the own closed the swimming pool after the property was his. Santa Clara Fairway Glen Golf Course, the street were named after the famous Golfers like Ben Hogan. The street names of the Golfer are all tha is left of the Santa Clara Fairway Glen Golf Course. Our streets in San Ramon around the Golf Course are named after Golf Course from what I have heard, One other thing is the San Ramon Creek, it floods, over a year ago I saw the smaller creek on Thunderbird almost flood the whole driving range of the golf course. The rain stopped before the two creeks could come straight down to Alcosta Blvd. as one large river. The builder told my father, his home on Olympia Fields Dr. was built in a creek bed and that was why the living room wasn’t level. The flood plane is where the Golf Course is. like the coyote creek in San Jose that flooded the apartments below Anderson Dam. We also have a lake on a hill that has San Ramon, Creek.

  • Bill April 11, 2019, 5:10 pm

    “The wealthy greedy, soulless, corrupt Real Estate marauders, Ronald Richards and Michael Schlesinger,” leads me to not expect a fair assessment of the situation.

    • John Benno April 12, 2019, 3:12 pm

      Sounds like you should attend the meeting Bill.

  • Jim Hansen April 11, 2019, 7:41 pm

    Before we start slamming terrible names around let’s just see what the city meeting comes up with when the course was sold you all panicked saying that it would be closed right away well I have been a member since 1964 still playing the course has been improved greatly remember some of your fences are well into golf course property relax let’s wait we have waited a few years already and things at the course are going smoothly they are stocking the pro shop and Denise is back with the academy so folks RELAX

  • JE Hanafee April 11, 2019, 7:48 pm

    I have lived next to the golf couse for 50 years (1970 to April 2019). I live next to the Club House. I have not any trouble with the golf course – – at all. The fence is for other purposes. (My fence is not on their property.)

    • Jim Hansen April 12, 2019, 4:15 pm

      I agree Mr Hanafeehowever many properties are On Golf Course Property this has to be understood over the many years that I have been a member here manydevelopers have tried get the property changed so homes could be built this will never happen but let’s all be involved in keeping the golf course alive and flourishing

  • Eleezeh Safarians April 14, 2019, 4:26 pm

    Hi all
    I am submitting a protest email to the city planner on Monday and I have send the same letter to Our City Council, Mayor and Vice Mayor. I think everyone living or not living on the gold course should attend April 16 meeting. This is about our town and someone from outside telling us how to live it. We have a beautiful town and awesome neighbors no one can change that. We will stand together and drive this guys out.

  • jerome April 22, 2019, 11:42 am


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