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Report of Steering Committee Meeting 4-6-17

San Ramon Senior Center 7:00 PM
Alcosta Blvd. and Stagecoach Rd. April 6, 2017


David Ernest
Pat Tuohy
Gene Bucciarelli
Paul Warren
Geoff Ho
Becky Kolberg
Jeff Bowlsby
Joe Weyandt
Joe Parsons
Lucille Evans
Michelle Hemenway


At this time, those in the audience are encouraged to address the Staythecoursesanramon Steering Committee on any item not already included on today’s agenda. If possible, comments should not exceed five minutes. If this is not considered sufficient time to address the issue, please arrange with the Secretary to have that item placed on the agenda for a future Committee meeting.

As a reminder, Steering Committee members do not respond to questions raised during public comment but may ask questions to clarify information presented

  • A local Community Action Group (henceforth known as CAG1) presented to the Committee
  • Treasurer
    • LLC Status; LLC Status has been filed and approved.  We have also submitted for 501(c)4 with the IRS
    • Pat Tuohy proposed a motion to allow the Treasurer to sign cheques up to $500 above which a second signature of an officer of the company is required.
      • Motion, Seconded, Passed (MSP)
      • In favor: 10, Against: 0, Abstained: 1 (Jeff Bowlsby)
    • Second Motion ???  Once the non profit status is granted by the IRS, the Treasurer will open a non profit checking account.  Approval minutes will be provided to the bank.  Proposed by Gene Bucciarelli.
      • MSP
      • In favor: 10, Against: 0, Abstained: 1 (Jeff Bowlsby)
    • It was noted that several members has already made donations in the form of required payments.  Action was taken to create receipts to record all of these transactions.
    • It was noted that should investigate Square (or Paypal’s) equivalent in order to more easily accept donations.
  • Secretary
    • Report by social media contacts
      • Twitter; 50 followers so far – most from SR – also in contact with Las Vegas Course
      • Blog (JP);
        • 500 subscribers
        • RR contacted JP on the blog
      • FB (MH); still to assume responsibility.  MH took an action to achieve this.
      • Nextdoor (DE); Has been in contact with the community group rallying against the Escondido GC development.
    • Slide presentation about Google usage
      • Not provided.  PW took an action to email out to the group.
  • Vice President
    • Gave an update on his view of the state of Richards development efforts.  Noted that development has not (officially) begun anywhere.
  • President
    • City Attorney is retiring
    • Gave the group an overview of what it will take to get a plan approved through the city and also to put a measure on the ballot.  The two possible approaches Richards has open to him.
  • DE proposed a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting.
    • In favor: 10, Against: 0, Abstained: 1 (Jeff Bowlsby)

6 – 1 Flyer and landing page

  • General approval for the flyer.
  • Group decided on the landing page url to be www.staythecoursesanramon.com/info
  • JP took an action to notify MH when landing page is ready
  • MH will print, batch up and distribute to whomever wants them.  Contact MH if you would like a batch to distribute.
  • PW noted we need to deconflict distribution and took an action to put a spreadsheet in place on the drive for everyone to update.
  • GB asked when to distribute?
    • General feeling was to distribute now as it takes time to build the “database”
    • However mass media (TV/Radio) will be kept for mobilization

6 – 2 Mission statement

  • GH: Emphasized the need for a mission statement
  • BK: Stated that we need two; an Operating Statement and a Marketing Statement
  • GH took an action to collect existing mission statements and make a proposal

6 – 3 Survey

  • Will be reviewed at next committee meeting.

6 – 4 Discussion of Bridges course changes

  • Owner has gone to a planning permission with a “concept plan”
  • 2 story building; hotel and conference center
  • Replacing an existing building
  • That area zoned as park, not golf course (not clear why)
  • There is a Bridges opposition group
  • Discussion on what, if any, position we have on this
  • General agreement that we are opposed to this plan
  • BK will contact their opposition group and invite them to committee meeting

At this time, each committee member is encouraged to bring items of interest to the Steering Committee. No vote will be taken on any item discussed but the item can be scheduled for a subsequent Steering Committee meeting.

  • JB: Requested an agenda item to discuss the status of the Faria Project improvements
  • JB: Requested an agenda item to develop a strategic plan
  • JW: n/a
  • LE: n/a
  • BK: Requested an agenda item to decide whether we will support CAG1
  • BK: Requested an agenda item to hear from the Bridges Golf Course Development Opposition group
  • GH: n/a
  • GB: n/a


  • GB; Create receipts to record the existing donations in the form of payments required to keep the group functioning.
  • MH: Assume responsibility of the facebook page
  • PW: Email out the google slidedeck
  • JP: Notify MH when landing page is ready
  • PW: Create a spreadsheet on the drive to deconflict flyer distribution
  • GH: Propose Operating and Marketing statements for the committee
  • BK: Invite Bridges opposition group to Committee meeting
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  • D.S. April 14, 2017, 3:42 pm

    Thank you for the detailed update. Can you give more information on what the “A local Community Action Group (henceforth known as CAG1) os and what they presented to the Committee?

    • Admin April 14, 2017, 5:09 pm

      I’ll ask another member of the Steering Committee to write something. Excellent question!

  • J.S. April 14, 2017, 6:47 pm

    I was going to ask the same thing… Also, are agendas for these meetings available in advance, so that people will know what is going to be discussed, especially items that require the groups “support” or voting? Thanks, everyone.

  • Allison Hanson April 14, 2017, 6:48 pm

    Thanks for the meeting minutes, Joe! Yes, could the Steering Committee please provide a detailed description about the Community Action Group (CAG1) since the minutes reflect
    that the Steering Committee is considering supporting them? Who made this presentation and who are the members of CAG1? Can a copy of this presentation be forwarded to everyone on the STC distribution list?


  • David Ernest April 15, 2017, 6:02 pm

    Since D.S, Allison Hanson and J.S. asked similar questions, I hope a single response will cover all of you. If anyone needs more information, please let me know.

    The Community Action Group (CAG) is a group of residents who are concerned about the Church of the Valley Memory Care Center and School Expansion project that is before the Planning Commission. A member of the group approached us through NextDoor asking if we could reciprocate and support each other in both of our ongoing efforts. I responded that was not something I could put on our agenda but said they were welcome to come to our meeting and speak for 5 minutes during the Public Comments portion of our meeting.

    Our meetings are now modeled on the Parks and Community Services Commission agenda and, like all public city meetings, provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the Steering Committee about any item not on the agenda.

    The presentation was a verbal summary of their concerns about the proposal and two handouts. One was a copy of the Planning Commission Staff Report dated January 17th 2017 about a concept review of the project. You can get a copy of this report by contacting the Planning Commission and asking for one. The other hand out was site plan of the project.

    During Member Comments at the end of our meeting, a Steering Committee member asked that an agenda item at our next meeting be a discussion of what we should do, if anything, about their request. We also will be discussing the plan by the Bridges Golf Course folks to change their footprint.

    As to J.S.’s question about the agenda be available before hand, I though it was posted about April 2-3. If it did not, I apologize and will make sure it is available about a week before each meeting.

    As to knowing about the presentation by the CAG, there is no way to know in advance who might show up and request 5 minutes of out time about anything on their mind.

    I hope this explanation helps.

    Thank you for your continued support of staythecoursesanramon.

    David Ernest

  • Allison Hanson April 16, 2017, 3:04 pm

    Thank you for the clarification, David!

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