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San Ramon Planning Commission meeting today

The San Ramon Planning Commission will meet today (Tuesday, May 16) at 7:00 PM at the City Council chamber at 7000 Bollinger Canyon. This is a public meeting. The Commission is set to talk about an annual report that analyzes the city government’s efforts to implement San Ramon’s General Plan over the past year.

You can find more information–130 pages worth–and the full agenda on the City’s website.

You can find a summary of the meeting’s agenda on the DanvilleSanRamon website.

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  • Suzie May 19, 2017, 7:22 pm

    I am so happy the City took down all the chain-link fencing coveres with that dark-green canvas. I felt like I was living in a burnd out gettoe and a smaple of what 256 condos and two large apartment complexes would be like with out the beautiful Golf Course. It was so nice to see the green grass sand-traps and trees after so many months. I wouldn’t even go for a walk with all the fences with the covers over the fence. My heart dropped when I saw the first gate and covered fence. Now I feel better with all the covered chain-link fencing gone and now seeing the golfer driving across the street to the other side with no gates. The driving range had all the places taken and I am seeing 3 golf cart lined up on the first tee.

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