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Signs and Banners and Flyers, Oh My!

Our neighbor, Pam Thurston has done a wonderful job of designing signs, banners and flyers to promote our cause. Now, thanks to her hard work, they are all available for purchase!

Prices are VERY reasonable:

Yard sign 18″x27″  ($14.99 + 2.24 for stand)
Small banner 1.7’x 3′ ($19.47)
Medium banner 2.5’x 6′  ($45.15)

Click on the link at the end of this post.

Select desired product
Click on ‘get started’
Click next
Check box ‘I approve this design’
Click next and proceed to select quantity;
set up account and check out.

Banners are designed in vinyl with grommets for outdoor use.  There was an additional charge for these options.

Be sure to order a stand if needed for a yard sign.

If you wish to design different options not shown here the design team at Vista Print will be glad to assist you.


Let’s get the word out by posting signs and banners in our neighborhoods!


And many, many thanks to Pam Thurston!

(I spoke too soon about the flyers…they are not at Vista Print. We can make them available shortly for you to download and take to a copy shop to make as many as you might be able to pass out)

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