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Stay the Course Steering Committee

Last week we had the first meeting of the “steering committee.”  The committee is a diverse group representing a variety of points of view.  The purpose of the committee is to represent the Stay The Course group regarding any issues with the golf course situation.  The first order of business was to select committee officers.  The following people were selected:

  • President: John Adams
  • Vice President : Frank Abajian
  • Treasurer: Gene Bucciarelli
  • Secretary: Paul Warren
  • At Large:
    • Jim Hart
    • Rinku Thakur
    • Jolee Gust
    • Michelle Hemenway
    • Scott Holder

It was also decided that they would be the officers of the LLC.

Sub committees were developed to provide input into plans to defend the community’s best interest.  The committee will meet on a regular basis to develop and evaluate short and long term tactics and strategies.  Our purpose is twofold:

  • Prepare ourselves with a successful responsive action against any action by the developer.
  • Proactively develop offensive plans of action to provide us leverage.

Currently, The biggest opportunity is to get the word out to all of San Ramon about this situation.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to support us and also subscribe to our blog at www.staythecoursesanramon.com.

John Adams

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