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Update on Escondido

A reader of this site sent me a message asking about the current status of the Escondido Golf Club. Regular readers of this site may remember this as the infamous “chicken manure dump,” a tactic the developer used to intimidate and harass local homeowners. He had already shuttered the course. In response to the many complaints about the land having turned to blight, together with the health hazard presented by the stagnant water, he spread five tons of raw chicken manure on the site.

The owner of the site–who is also one of the owners of the corporation that purchased the San Ramon Golf Club in 2015–was fined $100,000 for this behavior.

There is an aptly-named blog dedicated to the Escondido matter: “War on Escondido.” It’s worth reading.

We’ll continue to post updates on all aspects of this and other golf courses purchased by the same developer as we receive them.

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  • Allison Hanson April 23, 2017, 4:40 pm

    Thank goodness San Ramon Golf Course is zoned much differently than the Escondido Golf Club! The Escondido course did lose in the end (it closed and they willl have houses built on it), but only because its zoning did not protect against development.

    Again, The SRGC is zoned as “golf course only” and will stay that way unless 4/5 of the City Council (Dave Hudson can’t vote due to proximity of the course, so it would be 4/4 votes) AND 4/5 the Planning Commission. The only other scenario is the owners could place a referendum on the ballot, which voters would have to approve. All three scenarios are HIGHLY UNLIKELY, as the rapid and high-density growth in San Ramon and the Tori-Valley area has left many residents extremely concerned and upset with the impact on our overall quality of life.

    The City of San Ramon cannot force the owners to continue to operate a golf course, but our zoning DOES PREVENT the building of high-density units or houses.. SRGC may be shuttered at some point, but we need to demand that our City leaders do everything they can legally do to protect us from any purposeful blight. We also need to look at golf courses which are showing some “success” (meaning NO HOUSES BUILT and some legal progress that the residents are having in trying to get their brown, shuttered golf course restored).
    You can Google “Silverstone Ranch Golf Course Las Vegas Lawsuit” and read numberous articles about their situation.

    We all need to decided what is acceptable for us in the end….a golf course that may be closed OR more housing in a city and area, which is getting extremely crowded with high-density housing. Neither is a path we would have chosen on our own, but for many of us, the option which leaves us with even more traffic congestion, more impaction in our children’s schools, and a city infrastructure, which simply cannot support adding infinite amounts of housing (and people) to a finite space, is not the decision we are willing to make!

  • J.S. April 23, 2017, 5:18 pm

    Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well in their Las Vegas case. The “Cliff Notes” version of that one is Ronald Richards’ Desert Lifestyles LLC bought Silverstone golf course, shut the water off and was sued by homeowners there. His LLC tried to weasel out of that lawsuit by then selling to another group, which immediately filed for bankruptcy. A federal judge is not letting them or the “bankrupt” owner off the hook, and noted how unusual it is for a group to purchase a property and file for bankruptcy within 24 hours. Here’s the latest on that case. https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/local-las-vegas/silverstone-association-plans-to-sue-to-restore-golf-course/

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