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Update to news about Escondido

After posting the article this morning, I received a call from Ronald Richards. He informed me that the charges were dismissed on 7/31/18. I am glad he called me to set the record straight.

Here is a portion of his email to me (his contact info redacted). There is a link to the docket below.

Dear Joe,

Please find attached the docket showing the charges were dismissed against Mr. Schelsinger as well as the corporate entity.  I appreciate your immediate attention per our call to “set the record straight” and make it clear that the charges were dismissed.   I am sure you don’t want to cast either the entity or Mr. Schelsinger in a false light.  Neither he nor the entity were guilty of any wrong doing, both entered pleas of not guilty, and the City Attorney dismissed the case and neither he nor the entity are facing any charges of any kind.

Thank you again for correcting this and I am glad you are in front of your computer to handle this immediately.


Ronald Richards, Esq.
Law Offices of Ronald Richards & Associates, A.P.C.

Dismissal of Charges

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  • Suzie September 10, 2018, 10:59 pm

    I have been stressed ever since this started in 2016 with the sale of the Golf Course and closing of the swimming pool. So a contractor could build condos and apartments covering the beautiful Golf Course with all of its beauty with green grass, trees, with to lakes and a Wedding Gazebo for so many Wedding that I have seen for where I live at the end of Thunderbird Place, golf in alive and doing very well from the view for the back yard. This area is the perfect place to have children, with schools near by with large lots that have the golf course as a extened backyard.
    When the chain link fences went up and the dark green canvass were put on the chain link fences, this changed the neighborhood into a construction zone, like you see in run-down neiborhoods. I lived in Santa Clara when the Golf Course was there a few years later the golf course was closed and bulldoser took out the Culb house and Golf Course . The street names were named after famous Golfers that was about all that was left except a park the contractor left with 2 tennis courts. That is full on weekend. I don’t know where the others who would like to use the Link Mill Park. Neighbors bought 45 Acres for natural area named the Ulistac Natural Area Restoration Project and what a nice area for walking your dog and to get away from the traffic noise and a busy live to smell the flower and hear the birds in the trees for a break with wild flowers and nature.
    The apartment took all the rest of the 18 hole Golf Course. My Fair way Glen housing track was in the country with cows, goats and chicken. The streets were narrow to get as many condos on the land with no yard and parking became a problem with cars lining the street out side of the apartments. My track of homes had to shop at 11:00 PM when there was parking. The Fire Departmen had to walk the mass of streets so they would get stuck. I tried to drive it and soon was lost. There was a fire, now with not front yards the condos on the other side of the narrow street window caved in and plant turn brown from the heat of the fire of a condo, even the fire truch lights melted from the heat from the fire. I was a regual at the City Council meeting some one alway had a tag for me to address the City Council with. I joined the Citizens’ Advisory Committee and was chair for half a year. I sold my home to get out of the mass. Soon I was faced with the same problem with the San Ramon Golf Course that I had in Santa Clara. I was so happy when the City took down the fence on Olympia fields Dr. I couldn’t see if a car was coming down Thunderbird from Alcosta. I wanted the rest of the chain link fence gone. I just happened to be sitting at a table for the Senior lunch with a lady who is on the Senior Advisory Committee, she told me there would be no condos or apartment build on the Golf Course. The stress of have to fight another battle to save this Golf Course was releaved and then to see the ugly chain link fence gone. You don’t know how nice it is to drive on those street that had those ugly fences. I called City Hall when the fences went back up and went to see where the meeting would be helled. I wanted to win the lottery so I could buy the Golf Course and keep it a Golf Course. Suzie

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