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Updated Report from Steering Committee

We jumped the gun a bit when we published the letter from the Steering Committee president on Monday. This is the correct version.

Open letter to StayTheCourseSanRamon subscribers.

It has been awhile since there has been an update on what your Steering Committee is doing. So – here is a status report of our activities since the beginning in November 2016.

Following the selection of all 19 people who showed an interest in being part of a Steering Committee, an organization meeting was held in November 2016. John Adams was selected President.

Mr. Ron Richards requested that the Steering Committee meet with him to discuss the status of his plans for the ongoing operation of the golf course.

The Steering Committee and the members of the community quickly became involved in a sometimes heated dialog about the merits of such a meeting. The prevailing commentary seemed to be that nothing good would come from such a meeting. The rhetoric got personal and was directed at Scott Holder and anyone who thought listening was a good way to learn what Mr. Richards would say about where he was headed.

John Adams and Scott, who by then had become Vice President, finally had enough and resigned leaving the Steering Committee without a leader. David Ernest scheduled an organizing meeting on February 2nd. At the same time, David canceled the scheduled meeting with Mr. Richards that had been set for the following week.

On March 2nd, the Steering Committee, now down to 14 members, nominated Paul Warren, who had been serving as Secretary, and David Ernest to be President. Paul declined because he was about to become a new father and felt the time needed to be President was better spent at home. Pat Tuohy became Vice President who, along with Gene Bucciarelli as Treasurer and Paul Warren as Secretary, make up the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee meets, usually about 2 weeks before the scheduled meeting, to talk about which items will be on the agenda and any other administrative type of things that come up. We don’t keep minutes for this meeting so there is nothing to put on the website.

The results of a survey asking what the public’s opinion was concerning (1) whether the Steering Committee should meet with the developer in March and (2) only members of the SR City Council and Planning Commission should have any communication with the developer showed the following:

  1. There were 344 responses.
  2. 111 Agree with a meeting.
  3. 222 Disagree with a meeting.
  4. 8 Not sure.
  5. 3 Other.

As to question 2:

  1. There were 335 responses.
  2. 201 Agree.
  3. 120 Disagree.
  4. 14 No opinion.

In April, the Steering Committee listened to a presentation by folks who were speaking on behalf of residents concerned with the proposed expansion of the Church of the Valley located on San Ramon Blvd. The Steering Committee listened and the Executive Committee will discuss the merits of becoming involved in their cause and will report back to the Steering Committee in May about any action that should be taken.

A brief discussion was held about the proposed changes involving the Bridges Golf course. No formal action was taken since the subject was not an agenda item. It will be an agenda item for the May meeting.

An excellent flyer was presented to the Steering Committee that was created by one of the Steering Committee members. We are asking all Committee members to download the flyer, print as many copies as necessary, and start getting the word out to other parts of San Ramon about what is facing us here in South San Ramon.

Your Steering Committee is working on establishing a coherent mission statement now that our LLC application has finally been approved.

We have applied to the IRS for nonprofit status as a (501)(c)(4) corporation. Once that is approved, we will establish a banking relationship so that we will be able to accept donations to cover costs that will come up when events warrant a response.

Also in the works is a community survey asking for those who are willing to support us financially when the time comes to indicate their willingness to do so. We will discuss and review the survey at our May meeting.

This is about all there is to report at this time. An update will be posted on the website as events warrant an update but at least once a month.

Respectfully submitted,

David Ernest, President

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  • Allison Hanson April 19, 2017, 2:37 pm

    Thanks again for the update. Could you please let subscribers know if the Steering Committee is planning to formally address the cyclone fencing that still surrounds several areas of the back 9 holes?

    Many residents have individually emailed the City regarding the concern that fencing was still up despite the course being opened for golfers. The owner’s initial response regarding the need to have the fence included the concern that is was a liability to have people around the grading equipment and work areas. However, if it is safe enough for golfers to play the course, the fencing is unecesarry and the neighborhood is being blighted. There are even several areas where the green tarp and fencing has fallen down.

    I was told the City sent a request to the owners last week for the fencing to come down (especially on holes which do not currently have any work being done directly on them). If the Steering Committee is planning to formally address the problem or has updates, could you please share them with subscribers?

    Allison Hanson

  • David Ernest April 20, 2017, 12:10 am

    We will look into the question of fencing and make a report when we have news. Thanks for asking

  • Suzie April 20, 2017, 10:18 am

    The green cover over the chain link fence on Olympia fields and Thunderbird is a haszerd not able to see up Thnderbird when making a left turn from Olympia fields onto Thunderbird Dr. Also with the golf carts coming out from behind the green cover over the chain link fence a drive can’t see the golf cart till it is almost in front of a car coming when the gates covered with the green plastic is open.

    • David Ernest April 20, 2017, 11:22 am

      Thank you Suzi for bringing this to our attention.

      Other citizens have asked us to look into the fence issue.

      We will have a report by the time of our next Steering Committee meeting which is May 4th. Hopefully there will be some progress by then. Please be careful in the meantime.

      David Ernest

    • Allison Hanson April 20, 2017, 3:07 pm

      Totally agree, Suzie!
      Many of us who live near the fenced areas are extemely concerned about this safety issue, especially with all the children in the neighborhood. With the warmer weather, there are now many more children riding bikes and scooters and it is extremely difficult to see the kids around the fenced corners (and for them to see cars coming around the fenced corners).
      If anyone is interested in taking this urgent safety issue to the City in a more united front (vs. just emailing the City individually), several of us are trying to put group together and you can call me at 925-833-1160 for more info.


  • David Ernest May 7, 2017, 11:15 am

    At our last STCSR Steering Committee meeting we reviewed the notice posted on the fences and learned the City posted the notice because the work had been completed. The owners requested an appeal to the notice so the city has to start by giving them information for them to properly prepare the appeal. If this sounds like around circle event, you are correct IMO.

    I will pass along to you and other Nextdoor subscribers new news as events warrant.

    David Ernest

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