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What you can do today

This is posted for Geoff Ho:

At the last meeting on June 30th there was a resident who said while they were subscribed to the emails and the blog they wanted to know what else they could do.

At the same meeting it was reported that Stay the Course had 114 members on the website and that there are ~300 homes that share a property line with the course. As a rough estimate in the least this suggests there are 186 additional members that should be highly motivated to join the website. Let’s get every home on the course signed up. If you live on the course have you talked to each of your direct neighbors? How about the cul-de-sac or the entire street? If each one of use personally talks to each of our closest neighbors collectively we can get all 300 homes signed up and receiving updates. There will some residents that may not be willing nor able to sign up on the website in those cases it would important for their neighbors to keep them informed when they see them out taking a walk or getting the mail. Beyond that we should make a point of talking to those across the street that aren’t on the course directly and really anyone else we know who lives in San Ramon. While flyers and signs are great hearing about it from someone you already know is much more powerful.”


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  • Farrokh Khodadadi July 15, 2016, 2:25 pm

    In response to Geoff’ s comments,
    I’d suggest you leverage the “Nextdoor” Walt-Disney Cal-High neighborhood and solicit members to join this forum. If you’re not already a member of Nextdoor (in that neighborhood), then you can ask another member to sponsor/invite you to the neighborhood, or contact the site LEAD:
    “Alyssa Hove” directly.

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